4 Earth Day Giveaways that Make a Difference

Each year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day. On this day, events are held globally to support the need for environmental protection. Even though it’s just a one-day event, Earth Day giveaways help environmental awareness last all year long.

earth day giveaways

Earth Day was realized in a time when society began creating unhealthy conditions without knowing the outcome of what we now call pollution. Below are four Earth Day giveaways that encourage people to appreciate and protect our planet:

1. “Meet Rocky the Recycling Raccoon” Coloring Book, Item # 51378

4 Earth Day Giveaways That Make a Difference - Meet Rocky the Recycling Raccoon Coloring Book

This item is a great choice for younger audiences who are just learning about environmental awareness. It can guide them into making better decisions when it comes to caring for our planet and its future. This product would make a great giveaway at schools, libraries, zoos, hospitals and just about any business or organization that deals with kids.

2. Earth-Shaped Wildflower Mini Seed Paper, Item # 66122

4 Earth Day Giveaways That Make a Difference - wildflower mini seed paper - earth

A new favorite Earth Day giveaway is our seed papers! Show the world you care by making it even easier for your recipients to plant beautiful wildflowers. The best part is this whole piece is 100 percent recyclable and contributes to wellness of our planet. They’re perfect for mailers and remind everyone to be a bit more environmentally-conscious.

3. Bendy Earth Stress Ball, Item # 20811

4 Earth Day Giveaways That Make a Difference - Bendy Earth Stress Ball

This little guy certainly is great at multitasking – he promotes Earth Day while also relieving your recipients’ stresses. It’s a great item to give to your employees this April 22. As it sits on their desks, it serves as a daily reminder to keep the earth clean.

4. Recycle Symbol Non-woven Shopping Tote, Item # 107662

4 Earth Day Giveaways That Make a Difference - Recycle Symbol Nonwoven Shopping Tote

Check out our new and trending recyclable tote that helps you do your part in protecting the earth and promoting fashion! Our recycle symbol non-woven shopping tote makes recycling a bit more fun and stylish. This bag is 100 percent recyclable and is made of 80 percent pre-consumer recycled contents and 20 percent post-consumer recycled contents. What a great Earth Day giveaway!

There are many ways we can improve our beautiful planet and teach our children to do the same. Although Earth Day is recognized only once a year, we should all celebrate and stay conscious of planet Earth daily. Check out Motivators.com for other great Earth Day giveaways.

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